If you’re in need of a premium event space hall or meeting room in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, look no further than Toranomon Hills Forum.
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Smart Conference

The new standard in event halls and meeting rooms.

Smart Conference

The “Smart Conference Center” is Mori Building’s revolutionary new paradigm in room and hall engineering for events and meetings. The highly functional center with state-of-the-art security represents the application and integration of knowledge acquired through operating the Roppongi Academyhills facility. It is a conference facility that allows attendees to have an unprecedented experience.

Meeting rooms represent
launching pads for innovation

The Smart Conference Center is equipped with desks and chairs, developed in conjunction with Cassina IXC over a period of two years, that provide guests with a comfortable sitting posture even for extended meetings and gatherings. The desks feature a tabletop at the international standard height of 720mm, 20mm higher than conventional desks, ensuring comfort for guests from abroad as well as guests in wheelchairs. The Center provides an environment that reduces stress and allows concentration, leading to more productive meetings. Mori Building’s expertise in creating innovative office environments is evident not only in the interior design but also in the overall engineering of the space.

Cassina IXC.

Benefitting Event Organizers
through Facility Management

We have laid optical fiber throughout the facility as part of our effort to become a conference center recognized for its comprehensive support for event organizers. Within our stringent security guidelines, we offer our clients simultaneous connectivity of multiple smart devices, the use of a global IP address, and connection to trunk lines. The superior facility management evidenced in these and other features provides event organizers with enhanced operational efficiency even for larger-scale events.

An Abundance of Food Options Ensures the Enjoyment of a Variety of Guests

Nothing works so well in sparking communication among meeting participants as a selection of delicious food. With this in mind, we’ve established agreements with 12 catering vendors. In addition to the ability to satisfy requests for vegetarian dishes often received from foreign visitors as well as for halal food, we offer services to respond to a broad range of requirements, including small-plate service to enable our guests to comfortably enjoy the food while continuing their exchanges, and low-volume, high-quality menus for events featuring predominantly female attendees. Our scrumptious, rich-in-variety menus are a smart way to offer support for communication at meetings and events.

Affording Our Guests Five-Star Service through Hotel-Quality Hospitality

On the foundation of our considerable experience and know-how accumulated through the operation of Roppongi Academyhills and under the discerning eye of our Chief Manager, we provide hotel-like hospitality above and beyond that of the standard hall and conference facility. Our cooperative agreement with the Andaz Tokyo, perched atop Toranomon Hills, enables the smooth delivery of all of our services.