If you’re in need of a premium event space hall or meeting room in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, look no further than Toranomon Hills Forum.
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Venue Fee Chart

(Consumption tax not included)
Maximum capacity Venue Fee Chart (yen) Conference Preparation Fee
Theater Hollow
Buffet 9:00 – 21:00
(12 hours)
Block Fees Extension
9:00 – 18:00
(9 hours)
12:00 – 21:00
(9 hours)
Main Hall590.637.2504 720 5002,200,0002,050,000 1,980,000 270,000150,000
Main Hall-1350.87.22524082801,350,0001,250,000 1,200,000 170,00090,000
 Main Hall-2229.97.2162216150850,000800,000 780,000 100,00060,000
Hall A757.64.0396792 6502,200,0002,050,000 1,980,000 270,000190,000
 Hall A-1324.54.0234330220950,000890,000 850,000 120,00080,000
 Hall A-2103.14.0325,000305,000 290,000 40,00030,000
 Hall A-3102.54.0325,000305,000 290,000 40,00030,000
 Hall A-4203.54.0126162 130600,000550,000 550,000 70,00050,000
 Hall A-1+2435.64.02163783301,275,0001,195,000 1,140,000 160,000110,000
 Hall A-2+3213.64.0126162 130650,000610,000 580,000 80,00060,000
 Hall A-3+43144.0216306210925,000855,000 840,000 110,00080,000
 Hall A-1+2+3546.14.0252432 4501,600,0001,500,000 1,430,000 200,000140,000
 Hall A-2+3+4425.14.02163243201,250,0001,160,000 1,130,000 150,000110,000
Meeting Room187.33.0 36 7830290,000 35,00022,000
Meeting Room 260.03.0 214224200,000 25,00022,000
Meeting Room 349.63.024 3924170,000 20,00022,000
Meeting Room 493.83.0 33 6130350,000 45,00022,000
Guest Room 133.03.012180,000 15,00011,000
Guest Room 232.83.012180,000 15,00011,000
Hall B429.84.0357460 3301,250,0001,170,0001,120,000150,000120,000
 Hall B-193.14.06390300,000280,000270,00035,00030,000
 Hall B-2102.44.06390325,000305,000290,00040,00030,000
 Hall B-394.24.06390300,000280,000270,000 35,00030,000
 Hall B-4103.74.06390325,000305,000290,000 40,00030,000
 Hall B-1+2195.54.0147165110625,000585,000560,000 75,00060,000
  Hall B-3+4197.94.0147165110625,000585,000560,00075,00060,000
Guest Room 322.83.012120,00010,00011,000
Guest Room 422.53.012120,00010,00011,000
Venue Fee Chart

◆Toranomon Hills Forum offers midnight/early morning discounts (50% less than the venue fee) for uses between 9:00pm and 9:00am of the next day. (Applied regardless of whether it is for preparation, set-up or the actual event.)
◆A separate venue setting fee of ¥25,000 is required when using the foyer in Hall B for a party, etc.
◆With regard to the use of just a divided portion of the Main Hall, Hall A or Hall B (which does not use more than one venue), we accept reservations three months prior to use.
Please note we only take reservations for at least five hours of use.
◆ With regard to the use of just one of Meeting Room 1 to 4, we accept reservations two months prior to use. Please note we only take reservations for at least three hours of use.
◆In the case of a cancellation after the application has being submitted, a designated cancellation fee will apply.

■ Reservations accepted up to 12 months prior to use

Ancillary Facilities Fee Chart

Ancillary Facilities Fee Chart

Cancellation Fee Chart

  One year
in advance
Six months
in advance
Three months
in advance
One month
in advance
One week
in advance
Three days
in advance
Main Hall
Hall A
10% of room fee 20% of room fee 30% of room fee 50% of room fee Entire room fee Entire room fee
Hall B 10% of room fee 30% of room fee 50% of room fee Entire room fee Entire room fee
Meeting Room
Guest Room
30% of room fee 50% of room fee Entire room fee