If you’re in need of a premium event space hall or meeting room in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, look no further than Roppongi Academyhills.
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Venue Specifications Toranomon Hills Forum
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Tower Hall

A 275-inch screen, audio-visual equipment and a simultaneous interpretation booth are standard features of this space with a floor area of about 460m² and a 6m ceiling. It also comes equipped with a foyer and dedicated reception desk, making it suitable for various events from international conferences to seminars of any kind.

Classroom 306 seats


(divisible into two)
Ceiling height6.0m
Classroom seating315 seats
Theater seating500 seats
Buffet-style320 guests

Equipment Available Without Charge

275" screen, DVD/BD player, CD deck, microphones(4 wireless, 2 lapel, 6 wired), stage, truss, lectern, lectern(for MC), 16 spotlights, special reception, 315 chairs, 105 tables
table size:1800*450mm

Equipment for Charge

Visual equipment(projector, Matrix switcher, efector), operator room, simultaneous interpretation system.

Anteroom1 ( Area 29m² / island format 8 seats + 4 seats )

12 chairs, 5 tables, monitor(able to view Tower Hall)

Anteroom2 ( Area 11.9m² / island format 6 seats )

6 chairs, 1 table, monitor(able to view Tower Hall and Auditrium)

Anteroom3 ( Area 12.7m² / island format 4 seats )

4 chairs, 2 tables, monitor(able to view Tower Hall)

Anteroom5 ( Area 17.21m² / island format 4 seats )

4 chairs, 1 table.